Things to Know about Nusa Dua Bali

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If you travel to Bali and would like a vacation spot for sunshine, serenity and luxury, make sure you check out Nusa Dua. Made up mainly of five-star resorts, Nusa Dua is what makes most stunning natural shoreline of Bali, and the accommodations aren’t only one-of-a-kind but eliminate a significant amount of the stress of visiting a destination like Bali. There isn’t so much concerning being involved with the cultural busyness, but in case relaxation and beaches are what you’re after, then you can not go beyond this gorgeous part of the island.


Geger Beach – The beach in a public area in Nusa Dua is truly stunning and since it’s not privately ‘owned’, the beach maintains a unique Bali taste. The sand is extremely white, and then the East-facing layout guarantees a gentle cool breeze, combined with the warmest water temperatures around Bali because of the reef far-out. It’s also a favorite surf spot thanks to said reef, so if you are into surfboarding, there’s somewhat more pleasurable than coming back from a harsh day to a soothing massage and cocktail!


Serangan Island – Serangan island which means ‘Turtle Island,’ is some sort of conservation area meant for sea turtles. You can chart boats with glass bottoms to get out of Nusa Dua to the island to view the marine life. The region is also important regarding tradition and religious history, and in spite of its small size, you will find 4 temples on the ground, one of these, Pura Sakenan, is among the most holiest places for Hindu people in Bali.

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Be Pampered – like I said previously, Nusa Dua is mostly about luxury and comfort, and this will make it the ideal location to make the most of the old-fashioned Balinese massage as well as Indonesian spa skin treatments. Also, Nusa Dua boasts impressive dining establishments at its resorts together with a cocktail at one of its beachfront bars. In case you are in Nusa Dua, it is the right time to wear your pampering shorts and stop thinking about it for a short while concerning the high cost it includes with it!


Water-based Activities – Nusa Dua would be the ideal place to engage your passion for water-based activities, with the holiday resorts providing almost everything from kayaking, sailing, and jet-skis to jetboats and parasailing. This is a paradise for those who loves anything water related, and the amazingly clear waters make any kind of activity around the beautiful sea a thrill.

With regards to Bali accommodation, Nusa Dua is not a cheap place, but once you want luxury in Bali, you honestly can’t go beyond it. With additional package offers readily available, Nusa Dua provides the finest getaway. When you finally return, you’re going to be rejuvenated and all set to deal with everyday life again.

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