3 Romantic Adventures: Manila

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Quiet palm-lined streets and Spanish architecture characterize the old neighborhoods of Manila, making them the perfect place to book a hotel and enjoy a leisurely stroll with a significant other. However, for those couples looking for a more adventurous date, the city of Manila, as well as several locations only a short bur ride away provide endless options for a romantic and exhilarating trip. Here are three options for an adventurous and romantic date near Manila, Philippines.

Pico de Loro

Perhaps the most beautiful place on the list, the towering peaks of Pico de Loro are a perfect place for a romantic mountain climb. In Spanish, ‘Pico de Loro’ literally means ‘parrot’s beak’ because the mountains are so finely pointed that they resemble the beak of one of parrots. For a first visit to the mountain, couples should start climbing early in the morning and wait for the spectacular sunset on top of one of the majestic peaks. While the climb can take six to eight hours, couples are encouraged to bring a tent to spend a romantic night under the bright stars near the summit. For an adventurous climb, the lower peaks provide the exhilaration and views of a high mountain climb. Pico de Loro can be reached by bus in two hours from central Manila.

Puerto Galera

This beach paradise is a three-hour bus ride from Manila, but will not disappoint the couple looking for a rural island retreat. Puerto Galera is a favorite destination for local Manilans, as it is the perfect spot for swimming and snorkeling near Metro Manila. While some couples may want to scale huge mountains in Pico de Loro, Puerto Galera is the perfect place for the couple looking for an underwater adventure. Situated in the warm waters of the South China Sea, the sea surrounding the Philippines is teaming with diverse and colorful sea life, making it the perfect place for a couples snorkeling adventure. The entire seaside of Puerto Galera was declared a UNESCO site in 1973, leaving it with one of the richest marine environments in Asia. Snorkeling equipment can easily be rented near the beach. After a long day of snorkeling, couples can enjoy a romantic sunset from one of Puerto Galera’s gorgeous beaches.

Gawad Kalinga

It is no secret that Manila is a massive city with a need for volunteers to help with the city’s poverty and lack of housing. What could be more adventurous while on a couple’s vacation than to build a home and chat with the local residents? While volunteer service may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a romantic escape, Gawad Kalinga has opportunities for couples to volunteer at several of the development sites around Manila. Volunteer service is a great way to work together and build a strong relationship.

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